More and more health care facilities are challenged with providing clinically sound, safe, patient care and managing patient care expenses.  NursePro Plus can support both your patient care and fiscal goals.  Our networks of highly trained nurses are proficient at vascular access and maintain a procedural success rate of 99.2%.

Why?  Because, our health care providers are 100% focused on vascular access.  Our efficiency provides patient care expense reduction in the following aspects to your facility:

  • Proficiency of service reduces failed producer cost
  • Clinical focus provides the best in patient safety and care
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Reduces administrative cost
  • Increased organizational dynamics with staffing
  • Eliminates staff overtime
  • Reduces supply waste

More and more health care facilities are choosing to outsource specialty clinical procedures.  Vascular access requires both knowledge and proficiency.  PICC line placement requires finesse and procedural success can only be obtained through consistent skill practice.

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