NursePro Plus is a comprehensive IV services company that provides quality health care since 2003, on demand at the patient’s bedside.  Through a vast network of highly skilled registered nurses, NursePro Plus provides vascular access for health care facilities.  NursePro Plus was founded by Dan Estel, RN, BSN on the belief that patients are people not just statistics and outcomes. With a mission to provide clinical focus, safe patient care could be achieved while reducing expenses.

NursePro Plus is committed to patient safety and comfort.  This company is founded on the values of sound clinical care, excellent customer service, and support for our team members, and accountability to our stakeholders.

NursePro Plus enables health care facilities to increase patient safety, provide quality care, increase patient comfort, and reduce expenses – a balanced solution.  Facilities who subscribe to the NursePro Plus services span care settings.  NursePro Plus customizes our service to meet the needs, size, and goals of your health care facility.

Vascular access is a specialty, clinical procedure which demands both precision and knowledge.  Efficiency and success rates such as ours (99.2%) can only be achieved by dedicated, clinical focus.  NursePro Plus is 100% focused on vascular access.

NursePro Plus Quality Service Standards

+ Highly trained vascular access nurses

+ Treat patients as people, not outcomes

+ Industry leading competency and experience

+ Customized service solution

+ Advanced techniques

+ Continuing education and research

+ On-site service


NursePro Plus values safe, health care delivered by clinical professionals with excellent customer service and accountability.  The company’s interest and success in the health care industry rely on core competencies and clinical standards being consistently met while being  advanced with the highest ethical standards practiced at all times.

NursePro Plus also values striving for excellence, advocating for our patients, educating others about the latest techniques in vascular access as well as continually educating our team members.

We value patients as people.  We value our customer’s and their employees.  NursePro Plus is committed to continuously providing a balanced solution for facility’s who subscribe to our service.

Contact us today and learn how a subscription to NursePro Plus services can benefit your health care facility. We look forward to hearing from you.

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